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Artist Show: Bridgette Meinhold


Painting With an Ancient Medium

A Show by Bridgette Meinhold

July 18-24

Blow torches, paint and the sweet smell of bees wax- an exciting and creative combination that artist Bridgette Meinhold has mastered to create her etherial treescapes. Encaustic is an ancient medium that uses layers of wax and pigments in between creating a unique 3-dimensional quality. Bridgette, who lives in the mountains outside of Park City, has become well recognized for her encaustic pieces. She draws inspiration from Jackson Hole and her images are familiar and inviting to anyone who has experienced the evergreen landscapes of the mountain west. Come see her newest works available at Gallery Wild from July 18-24.

Gallery MAR • Forging Ahead • Artist_ Bridgette Meinhold-M.jpg

Demonstration July 18 & 19 | 1-5

Bridgette will be working on a few new encaustic pieces at Gallery Wild! Watch as Bridgette creates one of her iconic landscapes using layers of hot wax and paint using brushes, blades and a blow torch to create a dimensional image that captivates the eye. Come take advantage of the unique opportunity to see encaustic painting in progress!