ZO • ET • IC  (adj) Of or relating to life; vital; living

Q:  What does zoetic mean to you, and how do you see it in terms of your artwork?


A:  Zoetic to me encompasses all things wild. The wilderness and all of the living creatures and plants are vital in my life. They are the fabric of my inspiration and fuel my soul. I have a need to share my experiences and observations and I am thrilled to be able to do it though oil and pigment.

Q:  What is your relationship with color?


A:   Color is energy. When I witness a moment in time I see the vibrations of that moment through currents of color.  My eye is acutely aware of not only the local color (green of grass) but the vibration of red, yellow, and blue that are intermixed at varying degrees to make the grass appear green.   


When I paint a subject I am recreating a witnessing and utilizing human perception of color / energy to bring it forth in the eyes of the viewer.







Q:  How do you choose the  palettes you use? (For example : Walter)


A:   My pallet is dictated by emotion and intuition.  I choose color by asking questions (is it; light, dark, warm, cool?), and reaching towards the pallets intuitively.  


Walter specifically is a nocturnal piece and the cools described for me the strength, intelligence, and stability of a burro. It conveys both vibrancy and peace.

Patricia A. Griffin  "Walter"  |  Oil on Linen  72 x 48"

Q:  Is there anything that’s been really inspiring to you lately? In/out of the art world?


A:  I am inspired by light and that gratefully shows up daily in my life.  The fine line of pink hugging the ridge as the sun comes up from the east  The herd of bison in the neighborhood, the big horn sheep grazing in the back, the ravens in the tree, the eagle flying low past the studio, the wolf print in the snow, the lettuce seeds sprouting on the sill. These all feed my desires to create.  Sharing discussions about quantum physics, art, and human perception are matches that start my fire.

Patricia A. Griffin  "When We Were Cranes"  |  Oil on Linen  60 x 20"

Q:  Do you listen to music when you paint? What’s your go-to if you do? How does this influence your artwork?


A:  Painting has become a meditative process for me.  I paint in silence for most of the day.  As soon as recognize a voice in my head, overpowering my minds stillness, I will listen to anything from chanting to bluegrass.  I often listen to podcast or books on tape to educate myself.  My process is so intuitive that I prefer to keep my mind entertained and out of the process. The work is coming through me and the mind is way too literal to be in charge.

Patricia A. Griffin  "When We Were Hollyhocks I, II & III" In Process

Oil on Linen  30 x 30" Each

Q:  If you had to describe yourself in 4 words, what would they be? 


A:  A spiritual being in a human experience.

Funny, smart, aware, engaged







Q:  Is there a painting you’ve done that you have an extremely strong connection to? What is the experience that ties you together? 


A:  Tough one.  I am in such awe of my subjects, they all tug at my heart strings.  I do not know of one that means more to me than others.  It is the collection over my life time that tells the story.  Paintings of my daughter are my most cherished because they document the passing of out collective time.  Every interaction with wildlife sets my heart a flutter and is a blessing. 

Patricia A. Griffin  "When We Were Rocks"  |  Oil on Linen  9 x 12"

Q:  If you weren’t an artist, what would you want to be when you grow up? 


A:  A healer







Q:  Has your relationship to your practice changed or evolved over the course of your career? If so, how? 


A:  When I graduated from college in 1989 I thought I would be an abstract expressionist in NYC.  Hahahahah. So yeah, things have changed.  Over 35 years of painting I have learned to get out of the way, shut down the chatter, get in the studio and do.


The most successful work for me comes straight from my heart without interference.

Patricia A. Griffin  "When We Were Shadows"  |  Oil on Linen  9 x 12"

To check out Patricia A. Griffin's show ZO • ET • IC online, visit her show page on our website here


If you're local to Santa Fe or in town visiting this beautiful city, we'd love to see you at our opening reception on Friday, April 12th, from 5 - 7:30pm. Located at 203 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501.



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