Gallery Wild's second location is now open in Santa Fe’s historic Canyon Road art and crafts district. Nestled right into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the new space located at 203 Canyon Road, is right at the entrance of Canyon Road, and is a natural extension of the gallery’s flagship location in Jackson, Wyoming. This location will feature many of the same artists represented in Jackson with new additions coming soon. Gallery Wild carefully curates a selection of modern fine art inspired by wildlife, wild places, and conservation. 


With the addition of numerous outstanding artists to the Gallery Wild collection since opening in Jackson in 2018, a second location will allow the gallery to continue to have a variety of works by all artists available to collectors across locations.



The new 3000+ square feet location was recently renovated into a clean, modern interior similar to the well-loved design of the Jackson Hole location. The outer façade embraces traditional Pueblo style architecture of New Mexico. The concrete flooring and the pure white walls provide the perfect backdrop for the colorful and lively art. The bright and inviting spaces showcase an inspiring collection of contemporary art, placing the art on display at the forefront of the conversation. The new space also features new works by some of Gallery Wild’s most beloved artists, including pieces by Jeremy Bradshaw, Carrie Penley, Nealy Riley, Silas Thompson, Michelle Sarantopulos, Caleb Meyer, Carrie Wild, Larry Moore, George Hill, Patricia Griffin, and Jenna von Benedikt, among others. 



Gallery Wild, Santa Fe is surrounded by renowned historic galleries and fine dining experiences that have cultivated and nurtured communities of artists for over a century. While the historic adobe architecture, gives Canyon Road its old-world charm, the diversity of the art within it, is it's claim to fame. For Carrie Wild, the owner and artist of Gallery Wild, 


“…opening a new space for art-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, in the cultural and historic heart of Santa Fe, allows us to facilitate meaningful intimate encounters between people and the art, which is so important in the given moment. We are deeply inspired by the incredible artistic and cultural heritage of the community, and we look forward to contributing to this rich history.” 


Long time patrons of the gallery also noted that many of the artists that the gallery represents have been inspired by the wildlife that inhabits the mountains and urban areas of Santa Fe and that "the city felt like a natural fit” for the new gallery.

Since opening the doors of our first space in 2018, Gallery wild has grown and developed a brilliant network of patrons, art-enthusiasts, and artists alike that value nature, and place the utmost importance on their love for wildlife, wild spaces, and conservation. At its new location, Gallery Wild hopes to propagate their mission to inspire collectors, viewers, and artists to help protect wildlife and wild places for future generations.



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