Patricia A. Griffin

Oil on Linen
40 x 30 in
Patricia Griffin’s vibrant compositions are a contemporary manifestation of humanity’s earliest muse. Her oil paintings of animals on linen, burn slowly as they stir the mind into daydreams of travel and encounters with exotic and indigenous beings. She goes to great lengths to study, photograph and sketch her kinetic subjects. Patricia utilizes subject matter as a testing ground for concepts of color, value, and structure- all notably unique and memorable in every painting. Along with being a well known painter, Patricia is also a great photographer, which is a skill that lends itself to the creation of her paintings. She spends lots of time photographing wildlife on all of her trips, including numerous trips to Jackson Hole every year. We say she is an honorary local after she fell in love with the wildness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem over 30 years ago, and has continued to pull inspiration from it ever since. Born in Philadelphia, Patricia's life is now in East Stroudsburg, PA where she can be found in her studio, at her family's garden center, historic guest house or at their homestead. She has spent over 30 years as a professional artist painting, teaching, and traveling. Her work has brought her international recognition and shown in over a dozen museums. Patricia’s images can be found in collections from Dallas to Dubai.

Additional Works